We about us ...

The story began humble but with great effort. In 1954 Matthäus Seelig founded his own compass factory named "M. Seelig" in the small village Wilhelmsdorf near of Emskirchen. Till this day the enterprise has grown to a powerful company with 18 employees.

Our company today ...

In 1993 we started the cooperation with rotring-international and changed the corporate name to „Reißzeugfabrik Seelig GmbH & Co. KG“. Beside this joint venture inventiveness and quality awareness have lead the company to its success..

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... how it began in 1954!

In 1954 Matthäus and Martha Seelig founded their own company. From 1960 they achieved an annual growth. Hard work and perseverance have been the key to the growing of their young business. Already in 1960 our compasses have been in great demand in America.

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