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The DESIGN.LINE series has a new smooth shape and a structured surface of the plastic covers. For a better usage every compass has recessed grip on the legs. The head as well as the plastic covers are available in different colours.
From an order quantity over 500 pieces and an additional charge you can get these instruments with your individual imprint.
Please find the compass models 11100 and 11130 under the menue designline-pocket!


Universal Compasses with plastic covers with a structured surface

Both legs have a knee-joint (A) and an interchangeable lead and needle insert (pivot: Ø 3.5 mm). A length of 160 mm allows drawing circles up to 380 mm in diameter.


Universal Compasses like number 12200, but with an extension bar. This extension bar allows drawing circles up to 560 mm in diameter.


Universal Compasses like number 12200, but with an universal adaptor. This adaptor allows drawing with various kinds of pens.

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