Compass with 1-Insert & Joint, Lead Tube, in case
Item-No. 0040002-03
Compass with 1-Insert & Joint, Holder,
Ruling pen, cone point, lead tube, in case
Item-No. 0040005-03
Geometry Compass, lead tube, in case
Item-No. 0151202-03
Compass with 1-Insert & Joint, small bow compass,
Holder, ruling pen, cone point, holder with ruling pen,
Lead tube, in case
Item-No. 0040007-03
Item-No. 0090031
Set Square with and without handle
Ruler Set 3-pcs.

Solid plastic compass

Solid plastic compass with  universal adaptor for any
kind of drawing instrument up to10 mm diameter,
 with safety needle and end stop

Item Number. : 0050100-01
Packaging: 100 pcs.